Our specific mission of interior formation is accomplished in a primary way through spiritual direction

Spiritual direction is meant for every person who wants to know God better and desires to live truly as Christian every day, conforming his or her life to the Gospel and the Church′s teachings. 

Saint John Paul II wrote: 
"There are brothers and sisters to whom the Spirit has granted the gift of spiritual guidance. They are precious points of reference, for they see things with the loving gaze with which God looks at us

It is not a question of renouncing one's own freedom, in order to be looked after by others. It is benefiting from the knowledge of the heart, which is a true charism, in order to be helped, gently and firmly, to find the way of truth

Our world desperately needs such spiritual guides. [...] He who is a father in the spirit will not make others equal to himself, but will help them find the way to the Kingdom". 
(Orientale Lumen n.13)