My vocation was born on a college campus where I changed radically. For the first time I was totally free from my parents and faced the great questions of life. Why do I exist? What is the meaning of life? Where do I come from?What awaits me after death? 

Up until this point, I had taken in the prepackaged answers from the formation I'd received in catholic schools, but now that I was totally free, I wanted to know if these answers were really true. 

During a Sunday Mass at the St. Lawrence Center, a catechist challenged the students to get more involved at the center, especially in theology classes, to go deeper in our knowledge of the Catholic faith. 
I was really interested and decided to give it a shot. After all the empty solutions college life gave me, I knew that only God could answer my questions. 

The more I learned the Catholic faith, the more I loved it and understood that it is true. 
The theology class became the best part of my week and in the enthusiasm that carried me along, I began to put into practice the things I was learning. 
At the beginning of my sophomore year, I started going to daily Mass, pray the Rosary, and spend thirty minutes in meditation every day! 

I kept on growing, learning, reading, praying, and in my junior year I knew I wanted to consecrate my life to God. My old plan of becoming an engineer wasn't enough any more. The only question I had was: where? 

The summer before my senior year I visited several religious communities but I never found the right environment and so I decided to begin the process of enrollment for the diocesan seminary: I knew many good priests in my diocese so it was an attractive option. 

During my senior year, three sisters of the Apostles of the Interior Life opened a house at the St. Lawrence Center (2003). 
Through my contact with them and the experience of their charism, I saw the beauty of spiritual apostolate, which is what most attracted me to the priesthood! 

I went on a parish mission with them during Christmas break that year and it was this experience of being an Apostle that made me seriously think about joining the community. Not only did I like the charism, but above all else, for the first time I experienced a profound interior peace towards this choice, despite all the difficulties that I saw before me, like moving thousands of miles from home to Italy and learning a new language. 

In June of 2004, I left Kansas to come to Rome and after just two weeks I was certain that God was calling me to become a Priest of the Apostle of the Interior Life.