I lived the first 20 years of my life in Semogo, Italy, a little mountain village at about 5000 feet of elevation... I'm a 100% mountain man! 

I always preferred work to study: in the afternoon, I'd help my grandparents in the barns, I helped my dad with odd jobs around the house, I cut wood and walked in the woods. 

I developed my handiness also as a chef's assistant in a hotel, as a construction worker with my uncle's company: in short, I never turned back from something practical to do. 

I was a catechist from Catholic Action for six years, chaperoned the little kids at the Oratory, and I was part of Semogo's Youth Association, a group of young people who take care of local festivals and traditional forms of cultural entertainment (plays, musicals, dances, etc.) 

After high school in September 2004 I enrolled in Construction Engineering, but then in December of that year something happened that changed my life: I met the sisters of the Apostles of the Interior Life during a mission at my parish. 

During their meeting I was struck (as if by lightning) by questions I didn't know how to answer: "What is the meaning of your life? Do you know you're called to be a saint? That there are two ways to become a saint, marriage or consecration?" I had no idea how to answer... 

In those days another lightning bolt hit me out of the blue with the words to a song: "I met you Jesus and everything in me has changed..." That was precisely how I felt! 

When the Apostles went back to Rome I decided to get in contact with one of them, Sr. Sabina. 
With her priceless spiritual help, I began to know myself better. 

After about twenty days I was certain: my vocation is consecration and priesthood! 
In the following months I knew the male Apostles of the Interior Life and I expressed the desire to join their community. I will always remember the day I came to Rome: September 14, 2005.