I saw my future life with two possible outcomes: married with a wonderful family, if I found the right woman; single, and perhaps helping society, if the ideal woman never showed up. I have always been very social, with lots of friends: I shared a lot with them, but not everything, because the faith was always my own personal choice. 

In the last year of my degree in Industrial Engineering I worked on my thesis in the U.S. at Madison, Wisconsin. And there, seeking glory and success, I met the face of God... 

It all began with a meeting that struck me big time. The sisters of the Apostles of the Interior Life were young, happy, smiling, without any habit (something which at first had confused me!). 

A personal and profound conversation with one of them, Sr. Tiziana, opened my eyes: God had in mind for me something marvelous, greater and more beautiful than what I desired for myself! 
Why on earth would I let this abundance escape me? But there was a question: How? 

Through friendship with Sr. Tiziana I finally met Jesus, living and real, present in my life always, but ignored by me or only superficially acknowledged for too long. 
I learned to put myself before God's Word every day, to let myself be questioned, to trust what He said to me in our daily meetings and in spiritual direction. 

At the end of my experience in America, I went back to Milan, where I had a lot of free time to continue my spiritual journey before going to America to begin my doctorate in August of 2006: every day I went to Mass, prayed an hour of adoration, and the rosary. 
I even went to Rome several times to visit the male branch of the Apostles. 

Again in the States, signs of God's calling got stronger: the more I did research at the university, the more I spent hours in front of the computer, the more I understood that that wasn't right for my life... 
I loved people, being able to share with them the joy that I had inside, coming from my meeting with Jesus. 

So I decided to leave everything, and come back to Italy to join the Priests of the Apostles of the Interior Life for good.