The first pillar of our life is SPIRITUAL FORMATION, based on an intense life of prayer and ongoing spiritual direction. 

Every member dedicates 4 hours to daily prayer: 

The Holy Mass with ten minutes spent in thanksgiving after communion is the "source and summit" of the Christian life, and fosters our identification with Christ the High Priest. 

Our time spent with Jesus in the Eucharist is prolonged outside of Mass in an hour of Eucharistic Adoration.

The Word of God is vital in enabling the Holy Spirit to continuously transform our lives. Following the wisdom of the Church and her saints, we dedicate half-an-hour to mental prayer

As members of the Universal Church, we pray with, for and through her in the complete recitation of the liturgy of the hours

Our Marian devotion is cultivated in praying the Rosary, and our minds are nourished with truths inspired by Divine Revelation through twenty minutes of spiritual reading

Inasmuch as the apostolate permits, prayer is done in common

In addition, we have a monthly day of spiritual retreat - a crucial means of allowing God to revitalize us through a more profound reflection of our lives in light of His call, as well as an annual spiritual exercises retreat of five days.


The second pillar is COMMUNITY LIFE

Community life is an essential dimension of our lives. God is a Community of Persons and since man is made in His Image and Likeness, he too, has the vocation to community life. Fraternal charity through communal living enhances an integral development of the human person. In this way, each brother matures according to the principles of Catholic morality, Christian asceticism, and healthy psychology, with the understanding that a rich interior life gives balance to the human person in all its dimensions. Community life is thus fundamental for every Apostle of the Interior Life and for the community's apostolate

"That they may all be one, as you, Father, are in me and I in you, that they also may be in us, that the world may believe that you sent me" (Jn 17:21)


The third pillar of our life is INTELLECTUAL FORMATION

Studies in philosophy and theology become fundamental for the apostolic needs of those we serve in ministry as well as for studies necessary in the vocation to Holy Orders

Every member studies Philosophy and Theology in a seminary or Pontifical University. In a world that is rapidly become more specialized, it is especially imperative to be well-prepared in the ministry of souls. Members pursue a Licentiate in Sacred Theology or Master of Arts in Theology in a field mutually discerned with the community. 

The completion of formal studies is followed by ongoing formation at the individual and communitarian levels.


The forth pillar of our life is APOSTOLATE

Skills for the apostolate are acquired through practice in the apostolate and observing and learning from more experienced members. Thus, through participation in parish missions, faith witnesses, giving talks and guided moments of prayer, spiritual mentoring, and all the apostolic activities carried out by the community. 

The encounter of a deep encounter with Christ through a daily prayer life enables every member to receive the dynamism necessary to engage any soul who is disposed toward personal conversion to the Gospel message. The apostolate offers vitality to men in formation in enhancing prayer and studies, as well as vice versa.