"My dream for the Archdiocese is to be able to awaken in the hearts of many a yearning for holiness. If we are able to succeed in this area, we will need an army of spiritual mentors who will be trained to help guide and assist others in developing a rich life of prayer. I am very grateful for the presence of the Apostles of the Interior Life in the Archdiocese with their special charism and expertise in the area of spiritual direction. I am thrilled with their willingness to help form others to be spiritual mentors". Archbishop Joseph Naumann.
A unique way of expanding our spiritual mission is to form others (lay people as well as consecrated, religious, deacons and priests) in becoming spiritual leaders in their community
The Catholic Spiritual Mentorship Program (CSMP) is an enriching and invaluable occasion in being formed through Theology and Spirituality classes and through life shared together with our community, Sisters and "School of Faith" teachers. To learn more about this opportunity and to apply, visit: The Catholic Spiritual Mentorship Program (CSMP)