Our mission is two-fold: a ministry of DIRECT EVANGELIZATION and INTERIOR FORMATION to people. 

In practice, this means 

  • meeting and engaging people where they're at in their relationship with God,
  • assisting with vocational discernment and marriage enrichment,
  • forming spiritual mentors and clergy,
  • offering spiritual direction,
  • giving talks and conferences,
  • reaching retreats and parish and campus missions. 

Thus, our community is totally dedicated to a spiritual apostolate.

Christ the Priest is at the center of our spirituality. 

We not only desire to love Christ and what He loves most, namely the Salvific 

Mission entrusted to Him by the Father, but also THE WAY in which the Savior carried out his mission: Jesus preferred direct contact through a personal encounter with the men and women of Palestine. 

We are dedicated to interior formation and want to imitate Jesus concretely in the way He performed his apostolate: to announce the kingdom through the ministry of the word to groups and individuals. This is also what the Twelve Apostles did in the first Christian communities:

We will dedicate ourselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word.
(Acts 6:4) 

Jesus as the one eternal High Priest, Mediator between God and man, is the Apostle par excellence. St. Thomas Aquinas perfectly synthesizes Jesus' lifestyle:

The active life in which one communicates to the others the truths he has contemplated through preaching and teaching is more perfect than the life in which one only contemplates because it presupposes an abundance of contemplation. Thus Christ chose this form of life.
(S. Th. III, q. 40, art 1). 

In our priestly ministry, we carry on Christ's priestly mission and are transformed by grace in Him, becoming apostles par excellence in the Church.